4th Conference in Series joint wit EFCF 2021
MEEP - 30 June – 1 July, Lucerne, Switzerland

Microbial, Enzymatic & Bio-Photovoltaic Electrochemical Reactors
Fuel Cells & Electrolyser Systems 

Featuring: Materials, Transfer Processes Reactor Design Microbial Electrolysis Scale up Opportunities & Challenges Implementation, Systems Engineering Emerging Applications
Chaired by: Prof. Johannes Gescher, KIT, Germany
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MEEP - Microbial/Enzymatic Electrochemistry Platform

The MEEP Symposium covers science and engineering, materials and manufacturing, components and systems, design, testing, integration and applications, for all Microbial & Enzymatic Electrochemical Reactors, especially Microbial Fuel Cells, Electrolysers and Applications. A specially formed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consisting of recognized international experts ensures that the contributions are of a high standard, ensuring value and interest for participants of all levels.

MEEP is offering students, researchers, suppliers and industry the opportunity to come together and share information and insights in these interesting and continuously expanding fields of science and technology.

This event will be held alongside the already well established and highly respected European Fuel Cell Forum (www.EFCF.com), offering further opportunities to meet researchers and industry members in other fields of low temperature Fuel Cell & Electrolysers and Hydrogen research from around the world.

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