The MEEP 2022 symposium topics are set but not limited to:

1.  Development of Biocatalysts & Reaction Cascades

1.1  Engineering of microbes or enzymes for application in bio-electrochemical systems
1.2  Optimized single or multispecies biofilm developments
1.3  Integration of bio-electrochemical systems in multistep process cascades

2.  New materials and surface interactions

2.1  Advanced anode & cathode materials
2.2  Steered & tailored interaction of enzymes & organisms with electrode surfaces
2.3  Surfaces & surface catalysis

3.  Reactors & Scale-up studies of Microbial Electrochemical Systems

3.1 Reactor systems & geometries
3.2  Upscaling studies
3.3  Resilience & stability of reactor systems

4.  Life cycle assessment & Economic Boundary Conditions for Bio-electrochemical Technologies

5. Bio-electrochemical Systems
     for Protection, Resilience, Rehabilitation of Environment

If you have questions or comments concerning the topics,
please do not hesitate to email